Cookbook Book Club

Have a taste of reading and cooking? Hay Memorial Library's Cookbook Book Club adds a culinary flair to our roster of programs for those seeking good food and good recipes. Try a variety of cookbooks available in the North Country Library System before spending another $40.00+ on a cookbook and expand your knowledge of food and cooking techniques. 

Each discussion will center about one culinary theme and readers will have several cookbooks to choose from. Grab your cookbook and cook with it for the next 2 months and we'll reconvene with a potluck dinner presentation as well as a review and critique of the cookbooks we used for our discussion. 

The themes for this year's Cookbook Book Club are as follows: 

September - Back to Basics
December - Desserts & Holiday Treats
February - Food Writing/Food Memoir
April - Culinary Celebrities
June - Party Dishes/Appetizers
August - Farm to Table

The next Cookbook Book Club discussion will be held on Monday, August 26th at 6:00 pm. 

Please call the library (315) 646-2228 to check for any available spots in the group. 

Looking for a cookbook review form? You can find it here