The Great Decisions of 2017

Join us for a three-part educational series with Molly Reilly. This Educational series will focus on three current topics in foreign policy. The three sessions include: 

September 18th - The Future of the EU and a Look at Trade, Jobs, and Politics

Discuss how the Brexit vote impacts the state of relations around the globe, espically given the role of the UK as a stabilizing lead for the EU over the last 70 years. Does Brexit signal the beinning of seismic change for the geo-political order? How will the changing EU impact global trade, jobs and politics? How will the US devise polcies that make sense? 

October 2nd - US Foreign Policy and Petroleum

For more than 45 years, the US had depended on international trade to satisfy its energy needs. This session will examine the effect of US petroleum security (and insecurity) on foreign policy. Is it possible for the US to disentangle from global petroleum trade? 

October 16th - Nuclear Security

Although the "Iran Deal" aimed to bring about victories for nuclear non-proliferation, challenges from North Korea, Russia, and India and Pakistan continue. What should the US do in order to prevent major nuclear threats from both state and non-state actors? 

Each session is from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Participants must pre-register for all three sessions.
To pre-register, please call the Library (315) 646-2228.